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I’m now blogging over at The blog is to chart the travels of my family and I as we live in different countries around the world. Come over and take a look

St Paddy’s Day Celebrations in London 2013 – Irishnite: Sat 16th March, 12 Bar Club, London

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St Paddy’s Day Celebrations in London 2013

Celebrate the eve of St Patrick’s Day in London with:

* John Devlin & The Revolvers – 11.00pm

* Elvi$ Ca$h & The London Funk – 9.45pm

* Hylands & Heron feat. Ed Bennett – 8.30pm

* Scrambled Yellow Hair – 7.30pm


Elvi$ Ca$h & The London Funk
Elvi$ Ca$h was born on 29 February 1920, which was a leap year, making him only 23. He is the eldest brother of Johnny Cash but was born outside of wedlock and therefore given away by his father, Ray Cash to Ray’s sister who was coincidentally married to a fellow named Cash (no relation) who lived in Northern Ireland.

Elvi$ is responsible for his own genre of music which he has named as “The Funky Genre” or “The Funky” for short. He has been inspired the likes of James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince and The Bee Gees.

He is indeed the original Elvi$. He had inadvertently spawned many impersonators the world over, including Elvis Presley, Fat Elvis and, more embarrassingly, Elvis Costello.

Elvi$ has not performed in a while but is making his “Comeback” gig in the 12 Bar Club on Saturday 16th March at 9.30pm as part of the Irishnite event.

Hylands & Heron feat. Ed Bennett
Having taken a year off in 2012 Kev Hylands and Cormac Heron are back with a vengeance in the guise of Ed Bennett (the contemporary composer). Expect very wrong arrangements of ever wrong choices of songs.

John Devlin & The Revolvers
These 12 Bar favourites have an all new set. Expect lush harmonies with a backbeat that’d rival The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

Scrambled Yellow Hair 
Built from the bones of Eggtimer and The Moon Garage Freakbeat 1960s RnB and The Blues Detonators Tom waits meets Howlin Wolf plus a splash of The Doors.

On Bass Dom Garforth The Moon , Eggtimer , On Drums Lex, Guitar Neiloy Mookerjee , Explorers Collective, Public Enterprise , Eggtimer and Mookerjee . Vocals Joe Moon Secret Handshakes, Klaw , Crystal 50, Mother Mercury, Sedge Penn , The Moon , The Blues Detonators, Eggtimer.

Scrambled Yellow Hair has all the finest elements of our group histories. Popular with folk who like their music to have depth political punch and humour.

Expect epic space rock heartbroken blues and Inner city observations plus Irish family catholic emasculation in a funky monkey style.

Admission: £6

Unchained Melody – Elvis 1977

July 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

His last recorded version of this song

Tom Waits Gig – Tomorrow! (Not Saturday)

March 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

I just got a call from Oliver who said that I am playing tomorrow and not Saturday as I have written in a previous post. (I have never got a date for a gig wrong ever.) So the Tom Waits gig is now tomorrow. And it’s £5 in as opposed to £4. Apologies for any inconvenience and hope to see a few of you tomorrow.

  • Date: Fri 23 March
  • Venue: Oliver’s Jazz Bar, Greenwich London
  • Address: Spread Eagle Yard 9 Nevada Street, Greenwich, London SE10 9JL
  • Time: 21:30 – 11:30 (3 x 30 min sets)
  • Doors open: Doors open at 17:00)
  • Entry: £5

Tom Waits Gig

March 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

  • Date: Fri 24 March
  • Venue: Oliver’s Jazz Bar, Greenwich London
  • Address: Spread Eagle Yard 9 Nevada Street, Greenwich, London SE10 9JL
  • Time: 21:30 – 11:30 (3 x 30 min sets)
  • Doors open: Doors open at 17:00)
  • Entry: £5

An evening of the music of Tom Waits and his co-composing wife Kathleen Brennan spanning the second half of his career ranging from 1980 onwards. A selection of songs shall be all stripped down and played on guitar and piano with vocals from Cormac Heron and Lin Heron.

No Lovenite This Year

February 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

It is with great regret that I have to write that there will be no Lovenite this year as I have been working on a recording project. (Details to follow in due course.) Also I have been busy raising my son who is almost one year old now.

Understandably time is tight so rehearsals with the excellent Kev Hylands is out of the question at the moment. I have although still got the ‘gigging bug’ and would like to do a gig soon so I have booked myself into Oliver’s Jazz Bar to play a set of the music of Tom Waits with my lovely wife. (It’s easier to rehearse when you live together.) We’ll be playing the songs of Tom Waits (and Kathleen Brennan of course) on guitar and violin. Here is a teaser.

Me Giving My Son A Crash Course In Le Tour De France and the Chinese Grand Prix

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here’s a video my wife recorded of me giving my son a crash course in Le Tour De France and the Chinese Grand Prix. It was recorded about 3 months ago but, as it was on my wife’s machine, I got round to uploading it this afternoon.

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